Adoption: Adoptions can be a joyful experience for all those involved. However, before the joy begins tough questions have to be asked and answered. We can help you navigate the process. We have experience in both public and private adoptions, terminating parental rights, creating post adoption contracts, working with necessary parties to obtain parental consents or having the parents consents waived; working with licensed adoption agencies to manage and complete the procedural process required in any adoption.

Divorce: A divorce in and among itself is an emotional and challenging time for anyone involved since no one who gets married intends to get a divorce. We understand this strain and will work with you to navigate the divorce process and work towards making there solution of property distribution, alimony, spousal support, marital assets/debt as simple as possible.

Child Custody: In the District of Columbia there is a presumption that a child/children should be placed with their parent’s and that the parents should have joint custody of their children. However, this presumption can be rebutted. Overall, custody will be determined in the child’s best interest and the parents will share some form of legal custody and physical custody. We have experience in representing both custodial and non custodial parents. Our goal is to get you the best solution possible by making sure your position is made known while addressing the factors related to custody in the DC Code.

Third Party Custody: Is designed for people who are not the biological parents of child/children and who are raising the child/children. Under the third party custody statute anon biological parent can file for custody and request child support for child/children inhis/her care. We have experience in representing grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins,siblings, and other third parties in custody matters. We have experience in addressing and defending the factors taken into consideration in determining when/whether a third party is a de facto parent, is entitled to be treated as a parent, and whether the parental presumption has been rebutted.

Child Support: The financial obligation a parent(s) has/have towards his/her child/children. Understanding child support and the impact it can have on the non-custodial parent/party is something every parent should know. The child support guidelines can be found by clicking here child support guidelines calculator.

Abuse and Neglect: A child/children can become ward(s) of the District of Columbia as a result of abuse and/or neglect. The parent(s) are given a period in which to overcome the reason(s) why the child/children came into care. The goal in a neglect and abuse case is/are:

  • Reunification with Parents: Child/children are returned to his/her/their parents after being removed from the parents care.
    Guardianship:Placement of child/children with a family member, family friend, and/or foster parent.
  • Adoption: The termination of the parental rights of the biological parents and the confirmation of parental rights on the pre-adoptive parent(s).
  • Alternative Permanent Planned Living Arrangement: This is essnetially preparing a youth for independent living. This is typically designed for youth over the age of 16.

Domestic Violence: In a domestic violence matter a temporary protection order (TPO) is initially issued for a 14 day period. The TPO can be renewed for an additional 14 days for cause. A civil protection order if issued is valid for a year and can be renewed if cause is shown. We have experience in prosecuting and defending against the allegations of the commitment of an intra-family offense and the issuance of a TPO or a CPO. We will discuss the implications of each and its impact on child custody.

Father’s Rights: Both parents have an obligation to support the child/children, have visits with the child/children and should be given equal consideration when it comes to what is in the best interest of the child/children. When it comes to father’s we want to make sure that they are not lost in the legal system and treated as an afterthought.